San Jose Submerged

Your sympathies are not enough! Join San Jose Submerged to support community members affected by the flood and to ensure that this tragedy will never happen again.

Hear the stories of the survivors in their own words.

Young daughter talks about her experience on the day of the flood.

Coyote Creek has a long history of floods that have consistently ravaged working class neighborhoods. Look deeper into the history of flooding along Coyote Creek with a timeline stretching from 1950 to today.

If you have information about the flood – such as actions or inactions of public officials – that you think could be helpful to the flood victims, please submit it to If you want to submit material anonymously, click the button above.

If you would like to share your personal experience with the flooding, email us.

  • Mark McClure

    July 2, 2019 by

    Mark McClure’s father, James Lee McClure, began his 20-year career in the U.S. Air Force in 1952, just 4 years after President Truman desegregated the U.S. military. While formally desegregated, the military subjected African Americans to the poorest living and working conditions and the slowest promotions. Mark’s parents, James and Joyce, were children of the… Read more

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